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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“Burt makes it fun and different every time! It is a great class with great people”

“I love that we are always doing different routines and that Burt pushes and encourages in class.”

“5 Stars! It’s the best in town!”

“If you want to change your life forever….come and join us at CrossStream Fitness Boot Camp. My life has been changed because of CrossStream and our trainer, Burt. There is no other Boot camp like it in all of Tulsa. Challenging, creative, and fun. Nothing like it”

“I feel great, worked hard to get back in shape. Awesome program!”

“The leader is great, very energetic, willing to accommodate individuals whose fitness level might not be great”

“The program is very good, it helped me get started on a regular exercise regimen”

“Awesome Instructor, love the change in exercise routine; he does not DUPLICATE  WORKOUT”

“I love the exercise intensity; non-stop, heart pumping and a well planned Boot Camp”

“I love the fact that the instructor get to the point and begins every class at the scheduled time”

“Awesome 1 hour of non-stop high intensity, bitter/sweet experience, and lots of equipment”

“This is the best Boot Camp we have attended”

“I am looking forward to a month of punishment to get be back in shape”

“The instructor is tough, the facility is State-of-the-Art and very clean”

“Great workout, great instructor, I feel the burn”

“The experience is fabulous, I enjoy the workouts and the atmosphere”

“The facility is clean, well maintained and the instructor mixes up workout routines so that it is fun and challenging at the same time”

“He will provide you alternatives if you are unable to do a certain exercise. In this class you have unlimited access so you don’t have the opportunity to become bored”

“I enjoy the versatility and Burt incorporates different and new exercises to push you to the next level”

“I think all fitness levels would be able to benefit from Cross-Stream Fitness”

“Burt is a very energetic fun trainer and provided a very challenging workout for people of all levels! The facility is also very nice and clean”

“I feel like my    purchase will be worth every penny”

“It is a great class & is perfect if you trying to slim Down and get in shape !!!! I love it can’t wait to go my 8 weeks”

“Amazing!! Definitely worth it! I’d recommend it to everyone”