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5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon training. Our training include pace and endurance training, speed and speed endurance training, strength and conditioning training, & hill and track training.

Cross-training is a fabulous way to improve your overall fitness and conditioning level. Often times, runners want to get faster but are merely lacking the conditioning and will-power to make it happen. One of the best ways to improve one’s time is to dedicate 2 to 3 days per week aggressively participating in strength, core and agility training. You are able to improve speed and stamina by doing up tempo short and long distance running 2 times per week.

Distance recommendation for training: (warm-up and cool-down 1 mile before runs)

5k runners – 8 to 10 miles per week (cross train 2 times per week)

10k runners – 12 to 15 miles per week (cross train 2 times per week)

15k runners – 12 to 15 miles per week (cross train 3 times per week)

Half marathon – 15 to 20 miles per week (cross train 3 times per week)

Full marathon – 25 to 28 miles per week (cross train 2 times per week)

Great runners do not fluctuate their time unless they are injured. If you are training for a particular race and year after year you are regressing and becoming frustrated with your race times, this means that there is a problem with the way you are training. The problem may be overworking, injury, bad implementation, inconsistency and or not training your body for the specific race at hand. Rest and recovery are vital to any training program. You will perform at your best when you are well rested. Many runners fail to admit that their minds play trick on them when it comes to rest. For example, some runners believe that if they take a couple consecutive days off from running it will cause a regression in their time.  2 to 3 days of rest per week is ideal for optimal performance, especially when you are an elite runner. The best way to train is to develop a systematic approach that addresses; cardiovascular endurance, Pace specific, strength and speed.

I have developed a fitness and wellness program that serves a large community 2.) Competed in 1800+ track and road races that include, 400m (:50), 800m (1:52), 1 mile (4:05), 5k (15:35), 10k (35:30), and marathon (3:15:48) 3. Top 10 finisher in 5k’s and age group winner 4.) Qualified for the Boston Marathon by finishing 31st in the 2009 Oklahoma City Marathon 5.) Has competed in over 20 Tulsa Run – PR (52:16)

2010:  Cinco De Mayo 5k – 17:19  ~ Aquarium 5K – 17:09 ~ Firecracker 5k – 17:29 ~ Riverside 5000 – 17:17 ~ Alzheimer’s 5k – 17:35 ~ The Race for the Cure 5k – 16:54 ~ Tulsa Run 15k – 54:50 ~ CrossStream Fitness Route 66 Marathon Relay Team (Burt, Liz, Larry, David, Caron) – 6th place finish; 3:35:05

2011: St Patrick,s Day 5K – 17:59 ~ Hispanic Heritage 5k Run – 18:18 ~ OK City Marathon Relay Team (Pat, Liz, Burt, Tim , Chad) – 3:21 :45 ~ Firecracker 5k – 17:40 ~ Alzheimer’s 5k – 17:57 ~ Tulsa Run 15k – 56:06 ~ Tulsa Route 66 Marathon Relay (Kendra, Brenda, Allison, Rebecca, Lisa)  – 4:12:45

2012: OK City Marathon Relay Team (Pat, Liz, Burt, Ted) – 3:16: 07 ~ Cinco De Mayo 5k – 18:15 ~ Fleet Feet Firecracker 5k – 17:41 ~ The race for the Cure 5K– 17:47 ~ Tulsa Run – 55:38 ~ Route 66 Marathon Relay (Mark, Burt, Tyron, David, Ted) – 2:50:24 ~ Route 66 Marathon Relay (Liz, Brenda, Kim, Melisa, Katie) – 4:14:09

2013: OK City Marathon Relay (Burt, Liz, Aaron, Pat, Ted) – 2:59:17 ~ Maple Ridge 5k – 18:05 ~ ACSM Gisolfi Fun Run 5k – 18:10 ~ Chris Brown Duathlon 5k starting leg – 16:40 ~ Tulsa Run – 57:23 ~ Route 66 Marathon Relay (Aaron, Burt, Liz, Pam, Pat) – 3:12

2014St Patrick’s Day 5k run – 18:23 ~ OKC Marathon Relay (Burt, Liz, Aaron, Pat, Melissa) – 3:16 ~ Maple Ridge 5k -18:10 ~ Fleet Feet Firecracker 5k – 17:33 ~ Cris Brown Duathlon Relay – 1:31 ~ Tulsa Run – 57:37 ~ Route 66 Marathon (Burt, Mike, Liz, Robert, Melissa) 3:07

2015: Firecracker 5k – 19:48 ~ Maple Ridge 5k 18:13 ~ Tulsa Arena 5k – 18:36 ~ Tulsa Run ~ 101:02

2016: Firecracker 5k – 17:07 ~ Maple Ridge 5k – 18:00 ~ Tulsa Run 5k – 1:01 ~ Route 66 Marathon Relay (Burt, Mike, Liz, Rob, Melissa) – 3:01

2017: Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon – 1:27 ~DSAT 5k – 18:37 ~ Tulsa Run – 58:07

2018: DOD 5k -18:38 ~ Firecracker 5k -18:48  ~ Tulsa Run – 59:26