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Indoor and outdoor Boot Camp – Like us on Facebook and view our exercise routines

No contract, No Pressure, Pay as you go, Let’s have some creative fun

Monthly Membership Rate

Regular Boot Camp – $95

Married Couples  $150

Visit both Locations – $120

Saturdays  Only  – $50

No Refund

Paid In Full 

2 Month Commitment – $170
3 Month Dedication  –  $240
12 Month All In – $900

No Refund

Pay as you go

10 Class Punch Card – $120  (expires in 2 months)

Drop In – $15

No Refund

Trian with the Best – 5k, 10k and Marathon Training

3 to 4 Saturday morning at 6:30am on the track or on the road/trail

Weekly running assignment is giving (12 to 20 miles per week)

Endurance and Speed Training $85  per month

Drop In – $25

No Refund