Boot Camp


Crossstream Fitness – Indoor and Outdoor BOOT CAMP program motivates individuals and promotes enhanced physical activities that build and re-energize the skeletal, respiratory, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, and nervous system. The CSF program utilizes a combination of exercises designed to target the underlining smaller muscles to create balance and stability so that the body can overcome resistance and accelerate system recovery. Participants will achieve greater results through positive thinking, motivation, and the belief that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. CSF’s goals is to build a solid foundation on which the body can function at it’s greatest potential through a combination of cardiovascular, strength, core, stability, agility, flexibility, and speed training.

Are you tired of:

  • get fit quick schemes?
  • your personal body image?
  • being depressed about how you look?
  • yo-yo diets?
  • not been committed or disciplined?
  • not finding time to workout?
  • inconsistent workouts and fad diets?
  • not been accountable?

Do you want to change these negative concepts? Then let’s:

  • change your outlook on life
  • change the way you see yourself
  • change the way people see you
  • change your self-esteem
  • put the past behind and grasp the future
  • be accountable and own your own destiny
  • lose weight
  • build muscle
  • reduce body fat
  • improve core strength
  • improve stamina
  • improve flexibility
  • improve speed
  • improve balance and coordination
  • live a healthier lifestyle

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The program is geared to teach the fundamental techniques and skills that will enhance your fitness level and build your confidence level by applying the trainer’s expertise.