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LIKE us on Facebook and view our daily exercise routines

Mission Statement: Meeting you where you are by providing a comprehensive fitness program that will; change your physical appearance, motivates you in changing your lifestyle to becoming healthier and more active.

Vision statement: True to our promise; building trust and changing lives.

The CrossStream Fitness Indoor and Outdoor program motivates individuals and promotes enhanced physical activities that build and re-energize the skeletal, respiratory, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, and nervous system. The CSF program utilizes a combination of exercises designed to target the underlying smaller muscles to create balance and stability so that the body can overcome resistance and accelerate system recovery. Participants will achieve greater results through positive thinking, motivation, and the belief that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. CSF’s goal is to build a solid foundation on which the body can function at its greatest potential through a combination of cardiovascular, strength, core, stability, agility, flexibility, and speed training.

CrossStream Fitness – Boot Camp has two locations:

815 S. Utica Ave. Tulsa OK 74104 – The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges

1700 S Aspen Ave. Broken Arrow OK – Destiny Church

 The program is geared to teach the fundamental techniques and skills that will enhance your fitness level and build your confidence level by applying the trainer’s expertise.

Trainer’s Credentials:

Burt McLachlan , BS in Health and Exercise Science – Pre-medicine & ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

Over 21 years of  personal training experience in:

  1. aerobic fitness training
  2. strength training
  3. conditioning training
  4. core training
  5. agility training
  6. flexibility training
  7. endurance training
  8. speed training
  9. track and field training
  10. 5k, 10k and marathon training

You need a Safe, Smart, and Common Sense approach to fitness training!  (calories in ~ calories out)